Message Transformation

Canonical Data Model

Therefore, design a Canonical Data Model that is independent from any specific application. Require each application to produce and consume messages in this common format.

Claim Check

Store message data in a persistent store and pass a Claim Check to subsequent components. These components can use the Claim Check to retrieve the stored information.

Content Enricher

Use a specialized transformer, a Content Enricher, to access an external data source in order to augment a message with missing information.

Content Filter

Use a Content Filter to remove unimportant data items from a message leaving only important items.

Envelope Wrapper

Use a Envelope Wrapper to wrap application data inside an envelope that is compliant with the messaging infrastructure. Unwrap the message when it arrives at the destination.

Message Translator

Use a special filter, a Message Translator, between other filters or applications to translate one data format into another.


Use a Normalizer to route each message type through a custom Message Translator so that the resulting messages match a common format.