System Management

Channel Purger

Use a Channel Purger to remove unwanted messages from a channel.

Control Bus

Use a Control Bus to manage an enterprise integration system. The Control Bus uses the same messaging mechanism used by the application data, but uses separate channels to transmit data that is relevant to the management of components involved in the message flow.


Construct a Detour with a context-based router controlled via the Control Bus. In one state the router routes incoming messages through additional steps while in the other it routes messages directly to the destination channel.

Message History

Therefore, attach a Message History to the message. The Message History is a list of all applications that the message passed through since its origination.

Message Store

Use a Message Store to capture information about each message in a central location.

Smart Proxy

Use a Smart Proxy to store the Return Address supplied by the original requestor and replace it with the address of the Smart Proxy. When the service sends the reply message route it to the original Return Address.

Test Message

Therefore, use Test Message to assure the health of message processing components.

Wire Tap

Insert a simple Recipient List into the channel that publishes each incoming message to the main channel and a secondary channel.