Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download MDG for EIP?

Click on the download link on page Download and when asked specify where you want to save the file on your computer.

How do I install MDG for EIP?

Start the downloaded file either by selecting Run right after downloading, by double-clicking it from Windows Explorer or by using the Run command from the Start menu. The installation program will guide you through the installation procedure.

How do I add License Key to Enterprice Architect?

See SPARX page Register Add-Ins for Enterprise Architect

How do I show pages in CHM file

With several service packs for Windows and Internet Explorer, Microsoft has changed the handling for CHM files.

If opened CHM files from BOBOVO show a structure tree but no pages, please follow the following notes.

* Load the desired CHM file down and store it to a local drive of your PC (no network drive!), e.g. drive C:\

* Open the local stored CHM file by clicking onto it in Windows Explorer

* If the local CHM file is not able to be opened, click onto the CHM file by using the right mouse button and choose Properties from the shown context menu. The following dialog will be displayed:

On the tab General click on the button Unblock. Now, this CHM file can be read on your PC.